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2015 Memorial Team Tournament

The 2015 Memorial team tournament was a great success with two new winning teams taking top place in their respective division this year. The spread between the first place team and third place team in both divisions was less than 3 games; an indication of how competitive each division was.

 Overall winner was Team Texas Bandits -  Captain Brian Bissillion

Back row L>R: Pete Hildebrand, Brian  Fitzpatrick, Brian Bissillion, Earl Doell

Front row : Eileen Hildebrand, Sheryl Doell, Gina Bissillion, Bill Piett 


Second Overall Place went to the Arizona Cubs -  Captain Jack Sell

Back Row L>R: Ray Jones, Jack Sell, Dennis Stockman, Lorne Bell

Front Row: Shirley Tucker, Lynn Bell, Jan Jones, Sheila Stockman


First Place in the Gold Division: BC Mountaineers -  Captain George Potter

Back Row L>R: Gord Pollock, Mel Kennedy, Glen Ponath, Dennis Kerr, George Potter

Front Row: Doreen Kennedy, Joyce Ponath, Linda Kerr, Melody Potter


Second Place in the Gold Division: Sask Alta -  Captain Wynn Textor

Back row L>R: Bruce Fostey, Ron Kristen, Wynn Textor, Durold Textor 

Front row: Shirely Fostey, Pat Kristen, Bev Textor, Dorothy Textor


  Final Overall Results:
  Blue Division: Gold Division:
  Texas Bandits - 59.5 wins BC Mountaineers - 40.5 wins
  Arizona Cubs - 58 wins Sask Alta - 39 wins
  Alberta Clippers - 57 wins Saskatchewan Prairie Pushers - 38 wins
  Del's Pets - 53 wins Road Runners - 35 wins
  Northern Gypsies - 41.5 wins Therapists - 34.5 wins
  Old Gang - 37 wins Fortuna Gold - 34.5 wins
Old Gang will move to the Gold Division and the BC Mountaineers will move to the Blue Division in 2016.