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First Annual Team Tournament Draw to a Successful Conclusion

After five days of great competition the first annual team tournament hosted by the Alberta Canadian Shuffleboard Association game to a successful conclusion at the Innisfail curling rink on Friday afternoon, August 15th. Twelve teams comprised of between 8 & 10 players from across Western Canada competed in a round robin tournament. This week long event was the dream of Delmar Salls, who spent the last year promoting and organizing the event. He passed away before he saw the event come to fruition. His wife Darlene was there to see its great success and to play and help manage the event. 

At the midpoint of the tournament the teams were split into two divisions based on their points to date. Prizes were awarded to the top team in each division. This proved to be a popular concept and the captains voted to maintain the two tiered divisions in future years. Competition was keen, and only four points separated the first and fifth place teams in Division A.  Great comradeship and  sportsmanship, an excellent banquet, and great volunteers made for a wonderful week.  

 Notwithstanding the success of the event, entries will continue to be limited to 12 teams, which is the maximum we can accommodate in our current premises. Two teams have already registered for 2015.


Winners of the 2014 Team Tournament A Division - Arizona Cubs - Captain Jack Sell

                                            L>R: Ray Jones, Dennis Stockman, Lorne Bell, Jack Sell

                                             Jan Jones, Sheila Stockman, Shirley Tucker, Lynn Bell

Winners of the 2014 Team Tournament B Division - The Old Gang - Captain Ruth Rutley

                                            L>R: Ernie McCormick, Audrey Sanguin, Bill Sanguin, Howard Rutley


                                                       Joanne Peteresen, Linda Tansowny, RutleyRutley